Erin's Premium Popcorn Erin's Premium Popcorn
  • Our potatoes come from local, family-owned farms from the Great Northwest.
  • These potatoes are specially grown for Tim's Cascade Chips.
  • We appreciate our farmers. They work very hard growing our potatoes.
  • Tim's Cascade uses only select premium potatoes.
  • Multiple truck deliveries are made each day. Each truck carries up to 56,000 pounds.
  • Production begins at the peeling line where the potatoes are inspected, washed and lightly peeled.
  • After washing, an inspection conveyor transports the peeled potatoes to the fryer room.
  • Here the chip slices go through an electronic photo-scanning device that discards dark defective chips.
  • Next the chips are subject to a manual inspection process to ensure that every chip measures up to Tim's quality.
  • Tested and double tested — the people at Tim's take pride in making great chips.
  • Then the chips make their way along the bi-directional conveyors to the spicers in the packaging area.
  • Just the right amount of spice is added to give Tim's chips that unforgettable bold taste and flavor.
  • The finished packages are hand packed with care into corrugated boxes.
  • Each box is labeled and stamped with production date to ensure the freshest product to our customers.
  • Individual bags are palletized ready for shipment to wholesale club customers.
  • For our Erin's All Natural Popcorn we use specially grown premium, white kernel popcorn.
  • Made right here at Tim's plant, Erin's All Natural Popcorn is available in three specialty flavors.

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