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Is there really a Tim?

Yes, Tim Kennedy and his family founded Tim's Cascade Style Potato Chips in 1986. Even though Tim retired in 2005, his originality and entrepreneurship continue to be a tradition at Tim's Cascade Snacks. Tim's is a wholly owned subsidiary of

What is the secret behind the Cascade Crunch?

It's all about three things — the finest ingredients, the unique cooking method and the great people at Tim's who care about the quality of their products.

What are your most popular potato chip flavors?

Our famous Jalapeño potato chips have consistently ranked number one. Our customers rave on about this product. Second favorite is our Hawaiian Sweet Maui Onion and third is Tim's Original potato chips.

Where do you buy your potatoes?

Our potatoes are specially grown on family owned farms located in the great Northwest — Quincy, Toppenish and Ellensburg in Washington State; Portland, Oregon; and Bakersfield, California.

Do you make a reduced fat potato chip?

We produce a great tasting all natural potato chip that happens to be reduced fat too! We use a patented spinning process that produces the same great tasting chips while removing excess oil. Try them! We think you will agree, they are the best!

Do you use trans fats?

Tim's have always been produced with no trans fats.

Does Tim's do tours of the facility?

We will be offering a virtual tour in the future but due to our high degree of food safety programs, we are unable to offer tours to the public.

What other products does Tim's manufacture besides potato chips?

We create a premium line of all natural popcorn and just recently added savory spiced rings to the snack aisle.

Where To Find Tim's Products

Independent distributors deliver our product to major chain stores and many convenience stores throughout 11 western states, Alaska, and Hawaii.

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